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What you should know about the Clinton email scandal

When it comes to politics or even any other position of leadership, the hidden past of the individuals involved is highly sought after. In most cases, this is to discredit, intimidating and even blackmailing the person involved in an attempt to sway them to a particular direction. This was the case with Clinton’s email scandal. Don’t you find it weird that all this came up after she declared herself for the top seat? Also, the fact that this came very close to the election and at a time when most odds of winning were in her favors spread a cloud of doubt. However, judging from the outcome of the polls, it is evident that the sandal had achieved the desired effect.

The Servers

The entire scandal goes back to the email servers as this is where the controversial emails were obtained from and thus forming a critical element in the case. Also, the lessons learned from the case are vital to email server administrator and everyone in this space including users when it comes to managing the privacy of information.

To begin with, When Clinton was serving as the secretary of state, she settled for the use of a personal email server rather than use the federal email server. Her reasons for this was that it was more convenient for her as this allowed her to use only one phone. This is unlike a federal email server that would require her to have a dedicated gadget for this use. The personal email server used by Clinton was based at her home in Westchester, New York. Regarding security, unlike the federal server, her private email server was managed by a team of two who worked on this on a part-time basis, and as a result, this was slightly on the downside with limited data backup and limited cyber security. However, this was not even the major threat to the systems as it turned out that the real leakage according to the FBI investigation could be linked to members of her staff.


Was there a Hack?

According to the FBI. It is evident that there was an attempt to hack into the server. As a matter of fact, both the FBI and the team in charge of the campaign acknowledge that the server had to be closed down sometimes due to impending attacks. Also, it was confirmed that one hacker managed to gain entry to the server and to the emails of one of the top aids to Secretary Clinton. However, there it was never any confirmation whether the entry was made to Clinton’s emails.


Why the uproar?

According to the law, it is a federal crime to mishandle information touching on national security. As a result, critics of Clinton especial it being a campaign period implied that it was irresponsible for her to handle the email in the manner that they did. This is further fuel by the fact that the FBI proved there were numerous classified and top-secret emails that the secretary shared through her email. The critics were mainly aimed at implying that the former secretary was unfit for office especially given the higher level of responsibility involved.