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Reckoning, Heartland-style

Five decades ago, the American heartland gave its conscience over to the ever-so-knowing cowards of the coasts, as her involvement in SEA tarried from one militarily successful campaign lost by politic to the next. The error was clear. And the Left, as it always does, spent the next decade lording their position to the public conscience. Need a bad guy for your fiction? Find a Vietnam vet. Whatever the excuse was- murderer, bum, fool, or fall guy, the media had its go-to. Forget their machinations that clutched defeat when victory was at hand- everything wrong with the war, and with America, was laid at the feet of those who had served at her call.

As the 70’s became the 80’s, and as the “malaise” gave way to a renewed belief in, not only our ideals, but in our fighting man, the undercurrent of something different was palpable. The adulation of the man on the street, when in 1981, a pair of Naval Aviators unloaded a decade’s worth of pent frustrations on a couple of Libyan fools dumb enough to shoot at them, was well beyond commiserate with the event. Each time the Reagan administration ventured to challenge evil in its dens, the response from the people was clear.

But it wasn’t quite there yet. The American heartland that had failed so badly to stand in defiance of their “betters” had to wait until February 1991 to unload.

The response, profound, was however shortlived. As administrations changed, so did the relative objectivity. Involvement in Bosnia and Yugoslavia, while seemingly righteous, came along with fleet tenders worth of baggage- nation-building and policing actions on shifting terrain is not the nature of warfare America is designed, or Constitutionally obligated, to fight. That we’d in effect done so in the aftermath of World Wars wasn’t the point; we’d taken the Axis to the limits of existence in two theatres, and shown them that their way of life could, and would, be exterminated for the betterment of mankind should they continue to fight. Not so in the Baltics; former Warsaw Pact clients would not be pressed to the brink as such.

The man on the street, while proud, was left as confused as the cartographers in the aftermath.

Then came 9/11, and later, the invasion of Iraq. Astounding feats of military might once again fell to the wayside behind the supposed need to rebuild the toys we had broken; toys that had been used to harm us, and the innocent. Our benevolence got the better of us for the second time in a century, tying the nation down into two ludicrous campaigns of appeasement. Appeasement for having taken out the garbage. Saying “sorry” for having done the heavy lifting. And paying a cost in blood and treasure far outstripping the value.

Because “bearing any burder” is what we do.

At least, it’s what actual Americans do.

Understand me here and now: this is not a “birther” argument. This is a touchstone challenge. And at no point in its history has this administration, and its supporters, shown that they have a real concept of what constitutes being an American, American ideals, or what constitutes the good of this nation than the events of the last five days. Not even in its ineptitude of dealing with the revelations stemming from the Department of Veterans Affairs did this President and his courtesans fail to grasp our ideals so badly.

One must get up before the ass-crack of dawn, and spend those hours before the cock crows working themselves to the bone to fuck up this hard.

Amusia is essentially a homogeneous state; one cannot progressively become “more” tone deaf. Yet, in the aftermath of the VA revelations, this “progressive” President has done just that. Not one casual observer would have made the suggestion that he should have scheduled a photo-op with the troops in the middle of the scandal. Glad-handing and selfies with men and women on active duty does nothing to allay the anger of those for whom the contract has already been filled, and obligations are outstanding. Nor, when at last the resignation of a failed former Army General is finally accepted, does copping to wait times from the VA “because you’d have the same in the private sector”.

And so, as Thursday became Friday, the deal was finalized, and assets put into motion to execute the bubblegum card trade of Talibani All-Stars for Bergdahl, how could it have ever crossed the mind of the Commander in Chief, let alone his chief of staff and advisors, that in the balance it would be considered an acceptable practice on Main Street USA (existing somewhere amidst the intersections of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, approximately 20mi southwest of Joplin).

Didn’t they read the Pentagon’s findings on his disappearance? Did they not think through the reasoning behind the very NDAs they had likely ordered from the top in the first place? Did his social media handlers, so fast to pull a YouTube video out of their ass for Benghazi, not even think to perform the slightest due diligence on Bergdahl’s old man’s Twitter account? And did they actually think the timber of the Palace Guard media, now growing heady with the scent of his political blood in the water, think they wouldn’t run with the mounting evidence that Bowe Bergdahl is nothing less than a deserter?

How could an administration so well versed in telling its constituency of its intellect be so fucking stupid?

Barack Hussein Obama might be an American on paper. He’s got an American mother, and he’s got a birth certificate. But he’s also got a long line of autobiographical prose extolling the virtues of his un-American rearing, and un-American ideologies instilled in him by his father. And an ever-growing line of comments towards putting America “in its place”, and making it like any other country (read: third world shithole).

That will be the coda to his legacy. And it is in full effect in the heartland today. He and his handlers know it, and so they must revert back to the tropes of a decade ago, calling opposition to his newfound prodigal son “swift boaters”, as though it were an insult.

Imagine a marshall of a nation’s military forces actively insulting those who kept the faith for declaring their outrage. That is what we now have. And he just doesn’t get why these dumb, ignorant people who cling to their guns and their religion have gone apoplectic.  They have staked their claim- they may not care for the price, but they shall not abandon their sons and daughters to memes again.

Thus, Barack Hussein Obama might be an “American” by the letter of the law, but he is no son of this great Nation.