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Race vs. Religion

The establishment media is already attempting to spin the Kansas Jewish Center shootings as a *religious* attack.

The Jewish people are a *race*. It’s genetic. It’s coded in their DNA based on specific combinations of proteins that have arranged themselves due to natural regional stimuli over thousands of years. Contact any number of DNA testing services, and send them a sample from the Jewish person of your choice- they can point to the specific patterns in the said protein structure that shows from whence they came.

Judaism is a *religion*; that is, not every Jew is a follower of Judaism. Religion is a choice. It is a belief structure. It is an active participation of something that is separate from anything that is intrinsically connected to the constructs of life that make that person’s existence possible. There are Jews that are Christian, there are Jews that are Buddhists, there are Jews that are even followers of Mohammad. These things are choices.

Miller’s attack did not take place in synagogue; it took place at a *community center*. You do not choose to be born a Jew, the same as you do not choose to be born Caucasian, Black, or Asian.

Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I can point to arrangements of proteins in the double helix that show a person is a Jew, and they call it religiously motivated.

Anything to absolve and obfuscate the fact that it’s a Leftist shooter, formerly the leader of a Leftist organization found by the racially motivated Left, who attacked people for their race.

It’s after Noon. I need a drink.