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No Blood for Solar

The last thirty-six hours have been a certifiable whirlwind of activity in the Southern tip of Nevada, not that the preceding week could be called tired, either.  If you’ve been living under a rock, armed agents of the United States Bureau of Land Management, operating under court order to seize the cattle of one Cliven Bundy, to extricate it from public lands based on failure to pay grazing fees.  The standoff grew as members of the public, functioning as a militia in exactly the function the Founders intended, prepared to defend the family from the heavy hand of a Federal government gone seemingly mad, driving the situation into an apparent stalemate.

The eventual stroke of Providence was pulled out of Alex Jones’ ass- that being documentation showing that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s son had money on the line, having negotiated a deal to bring Chinese solar development onto public lands in Nevada, which necessitated using the grazing territory used by Bundy’s cattle as a “mitigating area” to offset the lost acreage on the Fed’s balance sheet (proving the old saying that even a broken clock like Jones can be right twice a day).  Doubling down was the confirmation of Reid’s former aide de camp Neil Kornze as new head of the Bureau of Land Management.

The deck had been stacked, and there was no “mitigating” that the Administration could do to step away from the facts.  Feds control the bench, they control the agency, and a party with something to lose had half that equation on a string.

Loser Number One: the Obama Administration.

Let us be clear- this does stem from the Administration; the Bureau of Land Management is an Executive Branch agency (like most every Federal body), and the buck stops on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.  Positional appointments stem from said office, and the office sets the tone accordingly.  In a week where Kathleen Sebelius was kicked out on her ass/impaled herself on her sword, depending on your particular point of view, reminders of a particular filibuster on the part of a Senator Paul from the state of Kentucky, in which it took nearly a day of gab to get an insolent answer from Eric Holder’s DOJ that a drone strike against private US citizens on these shores would not be considered as part of their playbook, were the last thing they needed.

Meanwhile, NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) were issued, making the Bundy ranch, and the area surrounding it, a no-fly zone.  And yet, even with all of the easy potential for calls of double dealing, impropriety, and conflict of interest, an Administration so tied up on the concept of optics couldn’t focus on the simple fact that a line could be drawn.

And the optics were a mitigating factor here, you can be certain.  This is not Bill Clinton’s first term, before the Al Gore-created internet redefined the way and speed at which humans communicate, and the distance which information can spread across, and the perceived walls it can pass through immune; Slick Willie survived impeachable acts based on the time it took for the evidence of wrongdoing at Ruby Ridge and Waco to percolate.  President Hellfire would have found the call easy to make, yet the level of observation granted the circumstances took away his ability to function at a pace commiserate with his intentions.  The spectacle would have rendered his political survival impossible.

Speaking of spectacles, Loser Number Two, who I really don’t care about: Harry Reid.  Reid’s clan, via Rory, lost mad loot, which actually brings us to…

Loser Number Three: the constables and law enforcement surrounding the Bureau of Land Management.

Now, we like to tell ourselves, and believe that, in general, our fellow citizens, neighbors, and acquaintances, are all all good people who try to live life honestly, and those in power or with responsibility to assist in the execution of government do so with discretion and care.  And while there are bad apples in every bunch, by and large, folks are pretty good on the average.

Yes, and no.  As exhibits I’d direct your attention to “First Amendment Zones”, assaults on protestors, Bundy’s son being tazed while protesting peacefully, and a sixty-plus year old woman being tossed like a sack of potatoes.

Oh, and guns.  Big, black scary assault weapons.  Sniper rifles.  Riot gear.  They were loaded for bear, against a single family who told the bureaucracy “no”.  Actively stole private property, while the rights for cattle to graze on public land (that is, of course, what Federal lands are- the property of the citizenry of the United States) was in debate.

But there will still be some good in the mix; the percentage of which remains debatable.  Yet those good serving agents of the various law enforcement agencies engaged (and I do not use that term loosely here) in this action may well have been the greatest losers of all in this battle of wills.

For the last eleven years, those on the Left have made the claim that the coalition invasion of Iraq was based on a lie, and perpetuated for a single thing- the almighty dollar, in the form of oil.  Be it actual crude, exploration rights, or development contract, the line was that Vader Bush and the Emperor Cheney decreed Iraq as a target for exploitation, solely for the purposes of getting their hands on the spigot.

The problem with that line of bullshit is that not one dime has entered US coffers from Iraq’s post-war development of it’s natural resources.  Neither has the intake of Iraqi crude made a blip on our import rolls.  Whether they believe the ideological goals and impetus to invade was just, their response is without basis in reality.

Yet, as word broke of Senator Reid’s apparent complicity in the Clark County Range War, taken off of the BLM’s own servers (and deleted by them in an attempt to tamper with the evidence), the mouths of talking point repeaters across the nation were fixed agape.  You could have heard a pin drop in the collective expanse between their ears.

Imagine then, the feeling of having been used on the part of those BLM constables as word got out of Reid’s web in this.  The Senator from Nevada- the Senate Majority Leader of the United States, was prepared to allow them to make war on private US citizens, if not be killed themselves, so that his son could take a cut on Chinese solar development.  And solar development not even to take place on the lands in question.

There is nothing more painful than the loss of innocence, and those members of law enforcement should feel like a stable of cheap hookers.  They were used, in the very way that the Left has claimed our collective Armed Forces had been used for over a decade, with a pimp-slapping paper trail to prove it.  They’ll not grasp it anytime soon, and that’s fine, but we know the real score.