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Imaginarium Train Table

As the season turns to the gift giving holidays, I thought I would give parents a leg up on one of the more popular gifts being given this year.  My son’s birthday a month back had this as the primary toy, and I’ve noted quite a few moms and dads expressing displeasure and frustration online at the (supposed) inability of the set to stay together once completed- up to the point of gluing the thing together.

Train sets are most fun because of the creativity.  Rather than be frustrated by the thing, enjoy the process of discovering new layouts with the child.

Here’s a few that we’ve come up with that use most of the pieces.  Note especially the setup that removes the mountain- said mountain is difficult in practice because the top is desperate to fall off, and small arms have trouble reaching in the lower half to maneuver a train that has come off the rails.   Our later combinations use just the upper deck of the mountain for this reason, in that its lid can be removed without hampering the track itself.

Also include, for those parents who accidentally threw out the manual with the wrapping paper, is the parts list and original track layout.