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Ignorant Memes of the Morning After

(Or, “the Fuming Leftie Walk of Shame”)

1. “You don’t have access to all the evidence/only have access to the evidence the media wants you to have.”


Every bit of evidence the grand jury reviewed, all wrapped up in a nice little bow. Especially telling is the autopsy report, given the nature of the wounds in Brown’s hand, and his blood being *in* the patrol car with patterns observed in close range fire. Also note the powder burns.

2. “#NoJustice”

No justice?

12 men and women from across the demographics of St. Louis county reviewed the full depth of the above evidence and found that Officer Wilson was justified in his use of lethal force based on the physical evidence. They observed the fabrications of multiple eyewitnesses who not only changed their story along the way, but admitted they lied while making sworn testimony- testimony that did not match up with the scientifically-reviewed physical evidence.

What is unjust is your expectation that an individual must go to trial for what the evidence shows was an act of self defense.

3. “The finding of the grand jury was racist”

Because the evidence was racist.
Because powder burns are racist.
Because blood spatter is racist.
Because entry wounds are racist.
Because grand juries are racist.
Because everything is racist if it conflicts with your world view.

4. “The grand jury didn’t understand the evidence”

Now wait a second- *you* would tell the general population that they did not have the “full evidence”, having not been a member of the grand jury yourself. Yet, you would then lead us to believe that from your own evidentially shallow position that you are somehow better positioned to determine what the evidence actually said?

Logic must be racist, too.

5. “White people know nothing about racism”

This one is especially prevalent in the rebuttals stemming from other white people who believe themselves to be somehow “enlightened”. It is most interesting, given that even the most cursory travels outside of the continental United States shows it to not simply be ignorant, but devoid of any intellectual legitimacy whatsoever. An individual having traversed the border anywhere outside of the first world, one finds a very simple truth, very quickly:

Racism exists everywhere; it is not confined by social strata, class, education, wealth, or most assuredly- skin color.

Once that fact has been observed, the genie can never be put back in the bottle. Racism is racism, and it doesn’t matter from whence it came. Thus, when an individual tells you that white people know nothing about racism, the only thing they have done is given you the true measure of their insularism.