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Chuck Hagel Can Go to Hell

I have a difficult time expressing my hatred for Charles Timothy Hagel in words.

Much is said of his service in Vietnam with 9ID. A CIB and two Purple Hearts is a sizable curriculum vitae, and nothing can ever take that away from the man. Unfortunately, his service to his brothers in arms away from the theatre was far less gallant.

You will recall that Hagel was Deputy Administrator of the VA; Hagel claims to have had it out with Administrator Nimmo over funding and classification of Agent Orange. Yet, rather than fight the good and honorable battle for benefits for our walking wounded, he ran to the public sector in what was a clear desire to distance himself from political failure.

This is extraordinarily interesting, considering his willingness to use his championing of a political failure (his dissent of the Iraq invasion that, as recent reports have confirmed, was correct in its most lauded justification- the finding of WMDs) to gain a position in which he could further undermine our armed forces.

Where once he could simply fuck over the Vietnam generation by skeedaddling, his desperate attempts at undermining force size, structure, and quality will reverberate for decades to come.

The date of his most recent resignation reverberates personally- seven years ago this very day, my father passed away from his own exposure to Agent Orange. Yet, the final insult was the lack of recognition by the VA of this country’s culpability in his eventual demise. It wasn’t until another year had passed, with the clinical results of decades worth of research in hand, that the Department of Veterans Affairs finally listed the disease as service related due to defoliant exposure.

Mr. Hagel had the opportunity and power to change this- to set the proper respect and care for our veterans of that conflict in motion. He instead chose to abandon his post, Bergdahl-style.

Dante tells us that the Ninth Circle of Hell is dedicated to traitors. Chuck Hagel can’t make that last trip soon enough for my liking.