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Chuck Hagel Can Go to Hell

I have a difficult time expressing my hatred for Charles Timothy Hagel in words. Much is said of his service in Vietnam with 9ID. A CIB and two Purple Hearts

A Query, Gentle Reader

I’d like to ask a question, but first, I must set the tone: About a year ago, during the aborted run-up to an attack on the Syrian regime, I presented

U Can’t Touch This

In the halls of Ars Technica, Gizmodo, Wired, The Register, and CNET, traipse about the so-called intellectual elite of the technology sector. Note, dear readers, how hard they pontificate over

Iwata CM-SB v2.0 Notes

These are from a novice artist, yet twenty year veteran of airbrush foibles. I. For those with experience using the v1 or other CM brushes: 1. Biggest issue: trigger assembly.

Faith vs. “Faith”

I’m going to take a moment to say my piece on the matter of Mr. Robertson: When Qayin was asked by God what had happened to Hevel, he responded- “I

Race vs. Religion

The establishment media is already attempting to spin the Kansas Jewish Center shootings as a *religious* attack. The Jewish people are a *race*. It’s genetic. It’s coded in their DNA

Ignorant Memes of the Morning After

(Or, “the Fuming Leftie Walk of Shame”) 1. “You don’t have access to all the evidence/only have access to the evidence the media wants you to have.” Every bit

Imaginarium Train Table

As the season turns to the gift giving holidays, I thought I would give parents a leg up on one of the more popular gifts being given this year.  My

Ads for Dads; Hold the Grads.

So I am reminded of a rant from this time last year from the militant fembot who stated that Fathers Day should no longer exist; that, it should be a