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Ads for Dads; Hold the Grads.

So I am reminded of a rant from this time last year from the militant fembot who stated that Fathers Day should no longer exist; that, it should be a day in which ‘all’ parents are given support and adoration of the work they do to rear children, as though Mothers Day wasn’t just four short weeks previous.

I am reminded because of the incoming swarm of messages looking to sell me something for “dad”, who is long deceased, for a holiday just a week and a half away. You know, because it’s not like they weren’t trying to sell shit for moms on the day after St. Patrick’s Day, since not everybody is Christian or celebrates Easter in a pagan fashion.

And what’s more, Fathers Day ads get interspersed with “gifts for grads”- as though a parent hasn’t made a big enough investment in their child’s future, with hundreds of thousands spent on housing, meals, transportation, and tuition. No- they need to buy their grad yet *another* present. Like the air in their lungs isn’t blessing enough.

So what they’re really saying is, “hey dad- have a widget from Best Buy. And buy your kid a doubly expensive widget from Best Buy that they can use while living at home till they’re forty, because God knows they’re not finding a career in this economy.”

It wouldn’t be so pathetic if the old gender roles weren’t seemingly reversed, with the new economy dictating simple terms: first parent to $75,000/year salary “brings home the bacon”. But no- whether she’s home nursing, cooking three squares and cleaning house, or out living the feminist dream, she exists on a pedestal. Dad? Not so much. Doesn’t matter that many of them do all the heavy lifting at home these days; he’s still the “parent” of last resort.

Even when he’s a single parent.

Which, let’s be honest- given the number of “fathers” who are more apt to be referred to as “donors”, do not belabor me the point- I grasp what you’re saying. But what I’m saying is that if you’re going to trumpet for equality from the rooftops, you had damned sure better be prepared to deal with the ramifications.

And the penance-paying.